2) The Internationale

Here are the Russian and French versions of The Internationale.

This popular French song was written in 1871 by Eugene Pottier. It soon became the left-wing anthem and the most famous socialist song.
Eugene Pottier wrote this song right after the Parisian insurrection known as “La Commune de Paris” where thousands of insurgents were slaughtered by the Versailles’ troops. This uprising became the symobl of the working class and was considered the first socialist revolution.

The Second International began in 1889 (a socialist organization gathering the socialist parties from the European countries) and adopted The Internationale as its anthem. With the seizure of power by Lenin in 1917 in Russia, the song became the anthem of the Russian Communist Party and later of the USSR (until 1944).

Nowdays, it is still the anthem of most socialist, communist and anarchist organizations around the world. The tradition still requires singers to rise their left fist while singing the song.
For instance on this French communist webiste : http://www.initiative-communiste.fr/wordpress/?p=10857Flag


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