The Pacific

The serie starts to be a bit old now though I really enjoyed it and wanted to share it with you.

One more time Spielberg is not directing a movie that will encourage you to enroll in the army but this is probably because as usual he gets close to the reality of the battlefield that is far from nice and enjoyable.

We all know how awful the fightings have been in the Pacific but the mythology surrounding the Marines might have romanticized the war against Japan. This TV-show is destroying the myth and shows how the combats have ruined some men’ lives.

In this mini-epic serie you are immerged with those young boys in some of the most terrible battles of WWII.

Here is a link to a blog that makes a critic of the serie (and of Band of Brothers, another serie dealing with World War II):

The Pacific


One thought on “The Pacific

  1. This nicely connects your themes of history and media. A word of advice – ask a friend to read what you write. There are a few understandable errors that could easily be fixed.

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