4) Social Media in History

Social Media Collection

When my professor asked me to realize an interview related to my blog I immediatly thought: “Well, let’s ask a history professor, that will be good enough”.
Unfortunately (really?) the professor I wanted to interview declined my offer and force me to reconsider my project. I then decided to adopt a completely new angle for this project.

As far as I am concerned, History is a matter of books in old libraries. I know this is terribly old-fashion but I can’t help myself. Nevertheless, my class was a class highly concerned with new techonlogies and social media. Hence I tried to think of a common theme between new technologies and History.

I decided to focus on the history of social media. Social media are often seen as a fairly new tool that developed under the era of the Internet. But then how did people communicate and create social networks before the Internet?

Luckily, I knew a student on campus who had done an internship for a celebrity and had to run all the social media accounts of this person.
She indeed knew a lot about social media and more important knew that even before Twitter and Facebook, there were some tools to communicate and that could be compared to our current social media.

Unfortunately I can’t upload the interview here (because WordPress wants me to pay to add audio file to my blog!) but feel free to email me if you would like to hear it.


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