6) World War II in videos

Hello everyone, I have just made a wonderful discovery that I would like to share with you all!

History Banner

I have already say in a previous post that I had a somehow limited vision of History confined to books and libraries. Well, this website has changed my mind:

Through this website you can learn about history and enjoy it by watching videos.
All the videos have stimulated my interest and were extremely pleasurable to watch. I think it is a source of knowledge for everyone. Indeed, it is just an introduction to different topics but it uses some original video shots and makes a great use of reconstitutions.
The old captures have been colored and the whole video is shown to the public in high definition. This is unusual enough to be underlined. Contraray to many documentaries on the war those videos are highly enjoyable to watch. Plus, I think that the short duration of those videos is a great idea because it enables the watcher to remain focus for the whole video.

The guys who have created the website and the videos are obviously experts in the making of video.

Aesthetically these videos are a wonderful example of what web designers and movie makers are supposed to do.

Enjoy watching !


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