8) History and Modernity

Here is a set of pictures I have modified to show that History and Modernity can match smoothly sometimes (and sometimes less):

New York and its New Statue
History, Religion and Progress reconcilied
Notre Dame in the future
Village and Modernity
He is bringing the thunder with him !

You can find these pictures on my Flickr account under the link below: http://www.flickr.com/photos/93109859@N07/sets/72157632928794488/

In this set of pictures I wanted to insert some very modern elements in a more historical background. Many people think that modernity is destroying our landscapes and that we should prevent modern constructions in areas where there are historical buildings. I disagree to a certain extent. I want to believe that we can perfectly match modernity and history. You don’t have to destroy the old to create something new, you can adapt and renovate without killing the essence of the historical building.
As an example, think of all those ancient castles that have been modernized with all the modern comfort available today. The historic structure of the building is preserved but the inside is as modern as possible (it is also one of the most prominent architectural trend of the last decade – old outside, modern inside).

History and modernity


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