9) Fascism in politics

Europe is currently going through one of the biggest economic/social/political crisis of its History. Many people condemn the European Union and are seduced by populist politicians.
This tense situation led several scholars and analysts to compare the current European period to the interwar years. Indeed, one can see many similarities between those two eras.The problem is that the last time Europe went to such a massive crisis some extremist political movements appeared and drove the whole world into the bloodiest fight ever seen.

This issue is especially sensitive in Italy, country where fascism appeared in the first place. In addition to the huge economic crisis and the obvious weaknesses of the Italian economy, Italians also have to face a dramatic political situation.
Former Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi is willing to make a come back in the midst of Italian politics. Mario Monti who was temporay seen as the savior of Italy withdrew.Beppe Grillo, a former comic, is the growing figure in Italian politics and a total populist. It is understandable that some people fear a resurgence of fascist movements that have never completely died in the country.

About the fascist threat in current Italy:

About the likely return of Berlusconi:

We must remember that fascism was established by Benito Mussolini in 1922 after an impressive March on Rome with a faithful army of Black Shirts. Former socialist, Mussolini grew disillusioned after the end of World War I and founded the Fascist Party to revitalize Italy.

For more content about Mussolini and Fascism:

The picture I have chosen to illustrate this article is probably one of the most famous of the Fascist period. It represents Mussolini and some of the most prominent leaders during their famous March on Rome in 1922.
Black Shirts


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