10) Traveling through History

I have said before that History was mainly about books and libraries but I think writing this blog has opened my eyes and I have realized that there are hundreds of way to learn and appreciate History.

The way I want to discuss today is traveling. Going abroad may seem obvious for Europeans but I have noticed that it is way less common for Americans, I am not judging and I admit that it is understandable according to the size of their country. Nevertheless, Europeans travel way more than Americans and especially they travel abroad to different countries that have very different cultures (no, Texas does not count). This may explain the common-idea that states European are more open minded than Americans.

When traveling abroad you also are constantly faced with History. In your own country you do not always see History. As an example, you do not take the time to wonder who built a building or who were the people that have given their names to your streets in your own town. Parisians for instance are famous for being the only ones in the world who have never been to the Eiffel Tower or to the Louvres.
Being a tourist is often annoying and troubling but at least it forces you to give up your misconceptions and to be open to everything you see because everything is by definition new to you.

When traveling you must try to understand the country you are in and the best way to do so it to learn about its history. You do not have to spend your whole journey inside museums but you have to visit this temple, this fortress and so on so forth.

Plus, visiting a monument enables you to understand and imagine how people used to live and what reality they were living in. Visiting historical sites with yout own eyes is like living history. If you cannot imagine the merchants and the caravans while visiting Petra then you really have no imagination at all.

Petra, Jordan

I think understanding the history of the places you are visiting is essential to fully appreciate them. Those two blogs also consider that traveling is a good way to create an interest in History :


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