12) World War II and video game

Warfare 1944

Today I would like to talk about functionality and to illustrate my point I have chosen to describe a video game.

The video game I have chosen is Warfare 1944, a free and extremely accessible short video game that enables the user to fight a campaign on the side of the Allies and another on the side of the Germans.
This game is a very entertaining media that mixes music, sound effects, some texts, a lot of animation and some photos.

It is an extremely easy game to play but some levels require a bit of strategy to be completed. The aim is more than simple: “destroy the ennemy’s armies and claim the battlefield for your troops”. The gameplay does not need any experience of video games to be understood. You have to create soldiers in one interface and then you choose between three lines to launch your troops. Therefore the user decides how to customize the environment by choosing where he wants to send his troops.

The graphic quality is not exceptional but is fairly acceptable and the battle scenes (the game is basically a giant battle scene) are more realistic than they are in some games labeled by famous video games companies. The sound of the explosions give the user the impression to really be the general managing his armies.

The user also has the possibility to upgrade his units and to buy new equipments and skills with the experience earned during the campaign. In addition the maps all are far from similar (you have a beach during the D-Day, combats in the countryside and combat in the city) and give you different experiences that are really enjoyable for such a small free game like this.

Nevertheless, the game is not perfect and often suffers from bugs when many soldiers are on the field, or maybe my browser is too slow.

If you want to play a bit here is the link to the game: http://www.canopian.com/games/warfare-1944.html

As evidence that the game is a great one I have found different articles lauding it. Example under the link below http://jayisgames.com/archives/2009/07/warfare_1944.php


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