13) Shooting a video requires some expertise..

I have just shot and created my first video earlier this year. I was asked to create a short video in the context of my Applied Multimedia Class.

If I had sometimes thought that the film industry was a vast joke because I was convinced that anyone would be able to do what those actors, directors, camera operators and so on so forth, were doing to earn their wages. When confronted to the task of shooting a video myself I realized that acting and filming are really two jobs and you cannot improvise without a poor result.

Although technics have changed a lot, once you compare the movie Patton (released in 1970) with Saving Private Ryan (released in 1998) you cannot help thinking that the first one looks very amateurish.

Patton Poster

The way of shooting matters a lot, when you only have long shot you do not feel involve in the action while multiple close ups will give you the feeling of a complete immersion in the fighting.

My experience with film-making was more modest but still extremely interesting. I chose to shoot a squash video because I had always liked the possibilities of showing emotions and intensity in sport provided by the video tools.
I did not want to randomly shoot some players at a squash game, I tried to show the intensity in the preparation of the game and some actions that happened during the sport event that you will never see on TV.

I faced technical difficulties to record the video because the acting skills of my partners were uneven to say the least. I also had problems to create and assemble the video once the shooting was over.

I also understood why many directors and film-makers have a sort of God complex, when you film someone you really control him and you dictate him what you want him to do. Your actor is a tool in your hands.

Here are some of the tips have I used in order to make my video better and more appealing: http://www.crutchfield.com/S-R9cOsNiLjZV/learn/learningcenter/home/camcordertips.html

You also can find the video on WeVideo under this link: https://www.wevideo.com/hub/#media/ci/78321017


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