14) What have I learned with my blogger experience?

Here we are, end of the semester, end of the year, end of my exchange period, end of my (first) stay in the United States.


My blog is also coming to an end and this is probably my last post before a while. The question is what did the experience of managing a blog teach me?

First, I have confirmation that I hate writing about myself. Although I am pretty good when I have to work research papers I just cannot write or talk about myself. There is no infant trauma behind this, do not worry ! This blog forced me to talk about myself and I think this might help me later. Okay, I was talking to a computer screen nevertheless this is already a first step isn’t it ?

Second, I realized how much work it represents to keep a diary, a blog or a website constantly updated. If you want a really structured and efficient website it is a full time ! Therefore I now know that if my boss asks me to create a website I will likely ask a professional to do it because it requires specific skills that I do not have. Exactly like my previous post about shooting a video, I would say that creating and running a website requires expertise. Some people have done engineering schools, how could I ever compete ?

Third, I have realized that history is a material that is way more present in the most modern media than I had expected so. My view of history has changed. Now the old books and the long researches may have a purpose to serve like helping to create an entertaining film or design an extremely accurate video game.

Let’s say goodbye on the famous track from Michel Polnareff, the iconic French singer of the 1960’s – 1970’s :


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